For Hospitals

Hospital Management

Our hospital management system is named HACIMS and is entirely capable of automating a hospital and its processes in the specific manners of the institution. This is a comprehensive and integrated hospital management solution that is designed to manage all the aspects of a small and/or large hospital and/or clinics end to end automation processes. Our solution is powerful and easy to use with its seamless and efficient user interface and enhanced data security. The user interface is built to be flexible enough to adapt to a first-time user with minimal training and guidance.


Clinical Functions

  • Doctor Share
  • Panel Patient Management System
  • Appointment Management
  • Physicial / Consultant Module
  • Nursing Module
  • Pharmacy Sale

Core Modules

  • Patient Registration
  • Employee Basic Record
  • Patient Billing
  • User Management
  • Patient Module

HR Management

  • Employee Record Management
  • Payroll Management
  • Leave and Biometric Attendance
  • Duty Roaster
  • Career Management
  • Record File System

Diagnostic Modules

  • Clinical Laboratory
  • Radiology Information System

Financial System

  • Accounting System
  • Budgeting System
  • Fixed Assets Management

Supply Chain Management

  • Procurement Management
  • Multi-store Inventory Management


User Interface

Our interfaces are built with the doctors, hospital staff and patients in mind.

Seamless Development

Build to cater end-to-end hospital processes without much hassle while saving time, money and effort.

Well Integrated

High connectivity between all modules to provide seamless user experience to the entire health organization.


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